Delmare Café is a restaurant and a space where you can dance to the sound of the Dj's.

At sunset, around 5pm, the venue becomes a huge beach party with lots of dancing to the sound of music in a festive atmosphere typical of Ibiza.

On the beach, between the sea and the sand, the sunset dyes the sky with orange, red and pink tones before dark ... Delmare Café will be an ideal place to celebrate beach party and those moments of life that can not pass Unnoticed.

As beach parties the night starts at around 11.30 pm Extending at 2 o'clock in the low season or 4 o'clock in the high season, allowing after your group dinner no space for a beach party.

Delmare Café is an irresistibly beautiful beach club with sophisticated and elegant air ... its privileged location on the beach allows you to hear the waves that break in the sea of ​​an infinite blue that blends in with the sky. Delmare Café is a relaxed beach bar with relaxing music and views of one of the most beautiful beaches. The ideal stage for your beach parties.

The sofas and cushions provide a comfortable environment for those who come here.

With an inviting and exclusive atmosphere, the structure of Delmare Café takes your dreams to new horizons ... where you can experience all the pleasures of life while being in contact with the beach, always with sophistication and style. A fresh breeze carries the scent of the sea and the sound of the waves provides a unique sensation of relaxation ... During the day or at night, in an atmosphere full of charm and good taste ...

Delmare Café is the perfect setting to live your dreams and keep them forever, come and enjoy our beach parties!